Means of Escape to a Final Exit and Emergency Lighting

8:30 AM
4:30 PM

Whangarei Regional Fire Station, 12 Mansfield Terrace Whangarei Northland


Our half day workshops are designed to provide technical training and information for Inspectors, Testers, IQP’s, Council Officers, Property Managers and other interested parties working in the building compliance sector.

Workshop 1 - Means of Escape to a Final Exit

The Means of Escape / Final Exits workshop will include all aspects of means of escape from a building including open paths, safe paths, exitways and final exits.

Workshop 2 - SS4 Emergency Lighting

The Emergency Lighting workshop will include Building Code clause F6 visibility in escape routes, central supply and single point systems and illuminated exit signage. Each workshop is designed to be both theory and interactive. They will and include technical presentation, two separate building case studies, product examples and a technical quiz challenge and assessment.

  • Focus on inspection, maintenance and reporting including the certification and issue of a Form 12A.
  • Cover an overview of the legal requirements of the New Zealand Building Act and Building Code right through to the relevant performance standards
  • Certification and ongoing compliance of the specified systems SS15/2 Final Exits and SS 4 Emergency Lighting.
  • The purpose and requirements of these systems, how to approach the process of inspections
  • A practical look at common defects, reporting and what and when to certify.


Trent Fearnley has over 26 years of experience in the fire industry and the education industry, from firefighting to fire investigator to fire risk management and fire engineering.

Trent brings his vast experience and capabilities from his previous roles as National Advisor Fire Risk Management in Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ), Developer and Subject Matter Expert for the NZ Diploma in Fire Engineering at the Open Polytechnic of NZ to the role of Technical Director to support and grow the skills of our Association.

Trent’s current roles as Director of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and Board Member of Vocational Engineering Education NZ also provide key relationships and knowledge of the education sector to the role. The landscape of Safety Critical Work is changing and we want to prepare our members for any changes that may happen. Trent has been involved in the changes introduced by the Reform of Vocational Education and we wish to utilise his knowledge to benefit our members.

Costs for each workshop are:

$335+GST members

$569.50+GST members for both courses (incudes a 15% for signing up for both)

$425+GST non-members

$722.50+GST non-members for both courses (incudes a 15% for signing up for both)

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