Spotlight on Passive Fire - Webinar Series

12:00 PM
1:00 PM



How do you apply Passive Fire Compliance to a building where there are many products installed and no stickers or evidence of compliance? There are so many variables in buildings (especially older buildings) that makes inspections very difficult. Having full knowledge of every system and their details by every passive fire manufacturer is virtually impossible. So how do you mitigate the risk while carrying out inspections? This is the fourth in our series of 5 free lunchtime webinars.

Our presenter, Mathew Hooper, is passionate about life safety in buildings in New Zealand and helping people understand and the rules and regulations that are set out to keep people safe within buildings in New Zealand.

He has specialised in Passive Fire protection as in my experience as an IQP this was one of the areas that had the most questions without answers.

Experience: Avionics Engineering Air NZ 2007-2012, Youth Work 2012-2015, IQP Building inspections 2015-2021, Technical Manager Fire Laboratory 2021-present.

Achievements: L4 Avionics Engineering, Diploma Pastoral Leadership, IQP Registration 2, 3/2, 3/3, 4, 7, 13/3, 14/2, 15/2, 15/3, 15/4, L4 Passive Fire Protection Inspections.