SS15/3 and SS15/5 Fire and Smoke Separations - Inspect, Maintain and Report

1:00 PM
4:30 PM

Future Skills, Royal Oak 665 Manukau Road, Royal Oak, Auckland 1023 Auckland


Are you confident in your passive knowledge? Spaces are still available for the upcoming Auckland workshops.
Our half day workshops are designed to provide technical training and information for Inspectors, Testers, IQP’s, Council Officers, Property Managers and other interested parties working in the building compliance sector.

Are you confident in your passive knowledge? Spaces are still available for the upcoming Auckland workshops.  


Fire and Smoke Separations : Inspect - Maintain and Report (Afternoon) - This workshop looks at the BWOF requirements relating to Passive Fire inspections and reporting. What and where inspection personnel are obliged to inspect under the BWOF and compliance regime. This workshop includes the purpose and components of fire stopping systems, how to approach the process and procedures of inspections. Essential areas in a building to inspect and why, a practical look at common defects and maintenance, key points regarding fire and smoke doors, what inspectors should know in relation to fire rated dampers, duct protection and fire stopping of service penetrations, information recommended for compliance schedule document.

Our presenter - Ron Green, Fire Group

Ron is widely known nationally for his knowledge in Passive Fire Protection. Ron’s knowledge in Passive Fire Protection includes Expert Witness, Design, Installation, and Inspection. Ron is an active industry expert who knows what to do when dealing with new and older buildings.  Ron teaches from his own experiences and as a trainer for many Councils, is full of helpful tips to help you and your clients. This is not a theory course!

This is a unique course that is run by a professional passive specialist who has a broad-based practical background and who is still actively involved in day-to-day passive inspections including construction monitoring of new buildings.

Costs for each workshop are:

$350+GST members

$450+GST non-members

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