Association Membership


The Association is currently the only IQP representation body in New Zealand and it is imperative that it continues to grow and become a strong voice. We have support from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the Minister of Building Housing and the regulating authorities involved in the industry.

With continuing changes to legislation and the associated operation requirements, we need to have a strong and effective Association that not only provides high calibre education and training, but where we can also lobby to influence and overcome the many challenges we face both now and in the future.

We trust that you will join the Association and enjoy the many benefits of being part of a large group of like-minded people.


Purpose and Objectives


The purpose and objectives for which the Association has been established are:

  • To promote the education and development of safety and compliance, within the building sector in the interests of the welfare of building users and public good.

  • To educate, encourage and provide information and guidelines in relation to the Building Compliance industry.

  • Promote and foster relationships with key stakeholders and other related industry groups or agencies.

  • To support Members through education, training, workshops, courses and resources in relation to legislative and Standard requirements.

  • To consult on, participate and provide training and expertise in many matters of legislation and regulation by Government and Territorial Authorities applicable to either or both the Building Compliance regime and/or Independent Qualified Person (IQP) regime.

  • To promote and pursue all standards to maintain recognition as a respected educational organisation.

  • Always educate and keep informed Members on related industry issues and legislative changes.

  • Support and encourage Employer and Employee participation in industry training initiatives.



We are here to support our members, and provide them with the services and training they need. Membership of the association provides access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Free attendance at ABC Regional Forums (including attendance certificate) held at various locations nationwide.

  • Member Pricing on Training (includes CPD Certificate)

  • Member Directory Listing

  • Contact with and the support of your peers throughout the country, whether they are IQPs, compliance management or support people – all who have input into our industry.

  • Share with like-minded people ideas, developments and improvements, as well as having a vehicle to develop your own initiatives.

  • Educate – train and inform to avoid doubt for the industry at all times.

  • Support – encourage and provide guidelines for the industry.

  • Foster relationships and strategies with Territorial Authorities, Government Agencies, New Zealand Fire Service and other agencies and associations that will provide information and support.

To see information on our membership types and fill out an application see our Membership Types page.