Want to become an IQP or need to renew your IQP registration? We have gathered some resources here to help.


An Independent Qualified Person (IQP) is a person who has been identified by a Territorial Authority as qualified to inspect, report and maintain specified buildings systems.

The 'Independent' means that the person has no financial interest in the building.

An IQP should:

  • Have an understanding of the Building Act 2004 and amendments - in particular, the sections relating to purpose, compliance schedule and building warrants of fitness, notices to fix, dangerous buildings, public use, regulation - infringements, forms specified systems.

  • Understand the key roles of the owner, IQP, TA, BCA, specified systems.

  • Be able to read and interpret the Compliance Schedule

  • Be able to write annual reports, 12As and reports in lieu

  • Be able to manage and direct technical personnel in respect to defects/remedial work.

The IQP Register and the registration application process is managed by the Territorial Authorities.


As an IQP you must be registered with the territorial authorities you will be working in. There are several regions as well as a number of individual councils that maintain IQP registers for the territories they cover.