Compliance Fundamentals

CF 100 Compliance Fundamentals Introduction

A brief look at how the Building Act and Building Code work and a look at the history of the Act in NZ.

CF 101 Compliance Fundamentals New Zealand Building Act 2004

A deeper look into the Building Act and the relevant sections that apply to the compliance regime.

CF 102 Compliance Fundamentals New Zealand Building Code

An overview of the Building Code and the methods of complying with the Code. We also take a deeper look at the particular Code Clauses that relate to the specified systems.

CF 103 Compliance Fundamentals New Zealand Regulations Specified Systems, Building Use and Forms

An overview of the Specified Systems and a look at the Compliance Schedule Handbook. We also look at the content of the required forms and when to use them.

CF 104 Compliance Fundamentals NZ Compliance Schedule Handbook and Industry Guidelines

A deeper look in the Compliance Schedule Handbook and the resources that support it.