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MBIE recently communicated the launch of two new documents for managing missed inspections and maintenance procedures for specified systems.

These documents are known as the S-RaD (Specified System Report and Declaration) and B-RaD (BWoF Report and Declaration).

This email is to inform you that Auckland Council will be utilising the S-RaD and B-RaD templates (in line with MBIEs guidance), where a BWoF cannot be issued in accordance with s108. This will mean the “RIL” (Report in Lieu) and reduced month Form 12 processes will be discontinued.

Please click on the link below for more information on the S-RaD and B-RaD documents.

To allow for a transition period, we will continue to accept suitable RILs and reduced month Form 12s until 2nd October 2023. This does not prevent S-RaD and B-RaD documentation being submitted in lieu of a BWoF prior to this date (provided they are completed as per MBIE’s guidance).

Council will be attending the ABC Workshop on August 22nd and will provide further guidance.

Comms will also be sent to the IQPs on Council’s register, as the S-RaD will need to be filled out by the IQP.

Should you wish to discuss this further, please call me on the number below.


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